Government bills and regulations are enacted to benefit all or a significant subgroup of constituents in a town, province, or country. But while it would be nice to think that politicians and policymakers are omniscient (able to know everyone’s problems and how to solve them) this is not the reality. Politicians rely on their constituents to reach out to communicate issues, but this can be challenging and few know “where to start”.

A nudge in the right direction can help highlight an issue or pain point to the government. Then the government can be encouraged to address this through a legislative change or regulatory amendment.

GR, or government-relations consulting, is a service that provides clients with the ability to efficiently reach the appropriate government officials to address business risks, safety concerns, or a wide range of other issues. While writing to your MP or MPP is undoubtedly an option, the reality is this may fail to reach the necessary “target”. It may take several back-and-forth emails before the individual you’ve been corresponding with knows if they are the right person to address this problem. If they are not the right person for the job, it can take weeks before you are placed in contact with said individual.

In the world of business, infrastructure, health and safety, time is money. Often, waiting around in email purgatory for months is not an option.

Even if you do circumvent the time issue, contacting and articulating your problem to the appropriate government official doesn’t guarantee they will know how to solve it.

When time is a scarce resource, and your problem is nuanced, it is often the most efficient and affordable option to hire a GR consultant or consulting firm to get the job done. GR consultants specialize in connecting with government officials and knowing how to communicate feasible solutions to achieve the desired outcome.

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