Integrated marketing communications occur when the execution of a strong media plan ensures that all the points of contact a prospect has with a business are cohesive and consistent.

Over the past two weeks, the Daisy blog has explored how public relations (PR) manifests through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and different forms of publicity. For the final instalment of this three-part series, we will explore the importance of integrated marketing campaigns and what they mean for your business.

As previously illustrated, cohesiveness and consistency are key to integrated marketing communications, but why are they important in elevating your PR game to the next level?

Research from 2020, which was published in the European Management Journal,  found that communication consistency has a positive influence on brand trust and brand loyalty. These findings build on existing marketing and communications concepts which highlight the importance of consistency in timing, creative execution, media channels and content.

Ensuring that you and the rest of your team are on the same page as you reach out to your target audience will not only strengthen the message you are trying to get across but also reduce other PR risks associated with weak governance and publicity gaffs.

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