Imagine you’re lying in bed, going about your pre-shuteye social media scrolling, when you notice a post that has garnered hundreds of thousands or millions of views. Your body shoots up, alert, when you realize that this post portrays your business negatively and that the accusations are serious.

Your mind may be racing – is this the beginning of the end?

Whether or not your business is guilty of the wrongdoing it’s been accused of, you need to determine your next steps fast.

In the age of social media, loud and brazen stories often get a head start, but the truth stands the test of time. If you’re interested in long-term and sustainable success, the latter should interest you.

So, in establishing that playing the long game is the best game, here are a series of quick tips to help you navigate a social media PR crisis.


Don’t act until you think

If you work with other business decision-makers, this may be less relevant since decisions are by design made collaboratively. But if you are the sole owner of your business, you may be more prone to reacting too hastily. Whatever you do, you don’t want to make matters worse. Breathe and consider all factors that would influence your response timeline.


Focus on the Facts

If the allegations against your business are false, this point is arguably the most important to note. But even if the allegations are true, communicating the truth is important in ensuring things do not get any worse than they already are.

Remember – if you respond with lies to protect yourself in the short term, it is very likely that the truth will sting you and damage your bottom line in the long term. 2024 has shown us that consumers are becoming increasingly more concerned about how companies do business, not just what they sell.


Speak to a Specialist

Even the most seemingly benign PR threats can evolve into business-altering crises if left unaddressed. You may be left wondering, then, how best to go about tackling this new challenge.

At Daisy Consulting Group, we pride ourselves in being a firm that excels in PR services while offering litigation support should the need arise. If you are encountering a PR crisis and need guidance in navigating the complex waters of social media, contact us for a free consultation.